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Sell Your Boat

Looking to sell your boat?

Due to our dealerships longevity and commitment to customer satisfaction we have become a trusted house hold name in the Marine industry with both Purchasers and sellers alike.



With our trusted name, large database and prime location we use the latest web technology to place all our available stock in front of the largest online audience with great results.

Most used boats in our yard are sold within 4 weeks.

We understand that Selling your boat is not an easy task .With on water demo’s required most of the time.

If you’re wanting to sell your boat, we have two options for you to consider:

  • Sell on consignment

  • Sell it now

Option 1:  Sell My Boat on consignment

Selling boats is what we do best.

We have a huge demand for 4 stroke outboard powered aluminium boats with a waiting list of buyers

We will use our experience of the current market to sit with you and work out how to go about getting you the best result.

Our success is attributed to the services we offer our prospective clients:

  • Pre purchase inspection checklist
  • In house Finance
  • Trade Ins
  • Insurance
  • Warranty

When you sell on consignment with us you have the final say. Every offer will be presented but the final decision is yours.

We list your boat for a starting period of 4 weeks as on the majority of occasions this is all we need.

While in our control your boat is covered by our comprehensive insurance and unlike all the other yards your boat will be out of the weather under lock & key in our undercover showroom.

What does all this cost you say?

The choice is yours.

We normally operate on a varying commission structure depending on the sale price.

Typically we take a lower percentage on a larger dollar sale or if more suitable to both parties we can work on a net amount payable on sale.

Either way total transparency is paramount  and the option you choose will be clearly outlined and explained on our signed BIA consignment agreement.


  • Complete our submission form below. If you require assistance please call our office on 9721 3033 (#6 Boat sales)
  • Presented with all your information we will research recent sales & enquiry to give you a sales price estimate in the current market.
  • We will talk to you about our commission options available.
  • Gather all your current registration papers, service history etc. This is very important as the more hard evidence we can present the more attractive your boat will be to prospective purchasers.
  • No one know your boat better than you!

Make a list of as many selling features and specifications as you can including items such as plate thickness , fuel tank size etc.

The more information we can present the more qualified the leads will be and the quicker the result.

  • Make an appointment with one of our sales staff to drop your boat and information into our dealership so that we can allocate some time to go through your boat with you. This gives us all the information we need to get started.
  • We will prepare your boat for sale!

Though we expect your boat to be tidy we will have it fully detailed to present it in the best possible way. We will photograph your boat and list it on several websites that we know get results including our own.

  • We will keep you informed of any progress. If our contract sale price is achieved all we will require are your bank details for payment.

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Option 2: Buy My Boat

If you are after an immediate result, call our office 9721 3033 (#6 Boat sales) and speak with either Rod or Donna.

We will arrange a time for you to either bring your boat into our premises at 13 Halifax Drive Bunbury or alternatively we can come to you.

A couple of things to consider with this option are:

  • We are looking for boats no older than 10 years old
  • We will carry out a full package inspection before final valuation

If we can come to an agreed price we will ask for your bank details on the spot and pay for it there and then!

It’s never been easier!