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1. How many hours will a motor last for?

If both motors are maintained according to manufacturer recommendations a 2 stroke should last between 1500-2000 hours and 4 stroke anywhere up to 15000 hours depending on the size. We have reports of commercially used 4 strokes lasting beyond 15000 hours without major work.

2. What type of fuel should is best for my motor?

Most 4 stroke motors are recommended to run standard unleaded or 91 octane.  In fact higher octane ratings can cause some 4 strokes to miss. Suzuki however has variable timing and can cope with all but there is no benefit in running the more expensive fuel.

3. What oil mixture is needed with my outboard?

Most older 2 stroke engines run a mix of 50:1 later model 2 strokes will run a mix of 100:1, however it is always best to check the manufacturers specs to be sure.

4. How can I get a skippers ticket?

There are several ways to go about this and the best starting point is to check the Govt Transport website for your local trainer of which Bunbury & Busselton have several that are extremely helpful and have been in the business for a long time.

5. How far out until I need a EPIRB?

2 nautical mile from the mainland or 400m from an offshore island, but you must remember to make sure your EPIRB is registered and carrying its current registration sticker to complete the legal process.

Happy boating!