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Established in Brisbane since 1998, Formosa has slowly been building a reputation through word of mouth as one of Australia’s best-designed and versatile range of aluminium boats.

Why a Formosa?

There are many reasons why our customers choose to buy a Formosa. Whether it be for the smooth ride, design, price or build quality to name a few; everyone is different. The key to a successful purchase is the perceived value in the craft you are considering in purchasing. Some points to consider when looking for a new boat and comparing different brands are the following;

  • Is it practical to my needs?
    If you are buying predominantly for fishing, but plan to use for weekend family trips as well, does the layout and specifications of the boat make this change of activities (or vice versa) a simple pleasure or task?
  • Will it look good in years to come?
    Some boats look good on the show room floor but have they been designed for the harsh outdoor environment in which they are to be used? Fibreglass dashes and plastic fittings look good new but don’t have the longevity of aluminium.
  • Does it perform as good as it looks?
    With a sharp nose, deep dead rise, wide beam and generous freeboard, Formosa Boats, are only one of a few makes of boats that are designed to suit all Australian conditions. With the strength qualities, and ability to get on the plane quickly, a Formosa provides a smooth and steady dry run on calm days while offering great handling, control and peace of mind in rougher conditions.

Great Value

Formosa Marine builds the best aluminium boats for strength and versatility and offers the most innovative Aluminium plate boat designs in Australia. They keep their value as each Formosa Marine hull has the same engineering specifications, plate boat construction, spacious layout and stability, regardless of the size or model. Others talk about what makes an aluminium plate boat, Formosa Marine builds them. Combining years of experience, knowledge and the very best designs from their SEA-ROD and Tomahawk range, Formosa Marine is now offering the new Formosa SRT Hull, including model upgrades. Being an Australian company, they have a hands-on approach, guaranteeing quality and service.


Formosa Quality

Formosa Offers More Strength

Formosa Marine uses the world’s best Pulse Mig Welding machines to ensure an extremely strong and quality weld, and are proud not to sand back welds for looks, leaving the integrity and strength of the hull visible to customers. Formosa Marine stay focus on building aluminium plate boats to order. The aluminium boats are designed and built in Brisbane, Tingalpa and are Australia’s best for strength, stability and versatility. Each boat has the same engineered specifications so you can be assured that Formosa Marine’s plate boat construction, spacious layout and free board is in each hull, regardless of the size or model.


Working closely with dealers and local Formosa boat owners, Formosa Marine brings the strength and designs you need for Australian conditions. Others can only talk about what makes an aluminium plate boat, Formosa Marine builds them.


The 2019 Formosa SRT Plate Hull

The New Formosa SRT Plate Hull combines the very best boat designs from the SEA-ROD and Tomahawk brands, packaging them into one skilfully engineered plate boat and re-branded as Formosa SRT. The new plate hull features the ultimate level of performance, handling and stability, which includes a stronger Lock-cell hull and deck structure with a Quad4™ Water Ballast option available across the whole boat range. An increased deadrise, custom-built cambered strakes and large reverse chine create and enhanced hydrodynamic lift and superior traction. In addition, Formosa SRT Plate Hull uses the Formosa Step Down ‘Active Transom’ design giving smart storage solutions, easy on-board battery access, four (4) fantastic ‘Active Transom’ designs to choose from and superior, removable, flush folding door and seating systems.

    This innovated design utilises the area in the back of your boat that is usually forgotten, the Transom. A Formosa boat gives you smarter storage solutions, easy on-board battery access, four (4) fantastic ‘Active Transom’ designs to choose from and superior removable flush folding systems with many optional extras to suit.
    Formosa has designed the new hull to incorporate flush folding systems to increase your platform. The transom door and folding lounge can fold down to create more sitting areas or fishing platforms. Fold away flush against the side of the boat when not in use for a clear deck area to move around. The folding lounge is removable.
    The innovative Quad4™ Water Ballast is a unique four (4) chamber COUNTERBALANCE system and developed for unrivalled stability at rest. Unlike traditional keel ballasts, the Quad4™ off-centre ballast hull combined with a wide beam and reverse chine hull, minimises hull roll from the swell or internal passenger movement.
    Formosa uses extra wide longitudinal stringers which provide market-leading strength along the length of the midship, covering a much wider surface area than the traditional stringer. These unique box chambers ensure hull and deck rigidity and shape integrity.



    The Formosa SRT Plate Hull has had an increase to 19 degrees which isn’t a huge change, as stability is still a discerning factor in a Formosa designed hull. The plate hull design has influenced the new 490 size (was 480) which has seen a significant increase to 16 degrees.
    The new Formosa SRT hull demonstrates an excellent ‘out of the hole’ response and minimises the risk of broaching. The custom built cambered strakes create enhanced hydrodynamic lift and superior traction and handling. Using principals of air wing design, the cambered design changes the water flow, breaking up the ‘sticky water’ (a key force that inhibits nose trim and in turn creates a wet hull). The cambered strakes also feature a unique tapered body so the risk of aeration is minimised, ensuring optimum prop and fish finder performance.
    A Formosa Hull has large 170mm wide reverse chine with a negative angled chine extrusion. The reverse chine and cambered strakes help with traction performance, particularly with transom slide in tight turns.


True Self Draining Decks

A self-draining deck quickly removes excess water from the floor area which may occur when caught in heavy seas or while hosing down the deck. The Formosa Aluminium Self-draining Deck is a standard feature on the OFFSHORE models. Formosa has designed a large drain channel welded in each corner of the transom which drains the water from the deck, through a scupper on the back transom and to the outside of the boat. It’s what Formosa calls a ‘TRUE’ self-draining deck as the drainage system sits ABOVE the waterline, allowing the water to leave the boat. This is thanks to Formosa’s Hull design which allows for a high floor that sits above the chine line or water line. Other ‘draining decks’ on the market are welded on the chine line, or below the waterline, and so direct the water into the hull requiring the water to be pumped out of the boat; a scary proposition if the bilge pump is out of action. The Formosa aluminium deck is carpeted with marine grade quality flooring, making it a great non-slip surface that is comfortable from the sun’s heat. For peace of mind, the hull is foam filled and an underfloor bilge pump is fitted as a standard feature.


Formosa Safety

Formosa Builds Boats With Your Safety in Mind

Formosa Marine have always designed and built with safety and performance in mind and have tested in the most remote areas of Australia. The owners have never been complacent and look to improve and evolve the boats to handle all environments. Every Formosa boat complies with Australian standards of aluminium boat building and these are noted on the Australian Builders Plate issued to each boat. Other safety features include spacious layouts with no trip hazards and plenty of storage, stability and self-draining decks for offshore adventures.


Why is a Formosa so Spacious and Stable?

Formosa is renowned for their spacious decks and if you compare to other designs, you’ll notice the space extends right through to the front. There has been a number of design decisions made on a Formosa Hull which combine to give you the amazing space you see when entering the boat. Formosa Marine have refined their hull design to include an ideal balance between the degree of deadrise, reverse chine, generous freeboard, wide beam and ergonomic layout, making you feel like you are in a much larger boat and more importantly, provides a stable platform for you to enjoy. A sharper deadrise may reduce travel time marginally and gives a much more narrow boat too, which isn’t pleasant during a long day in the rough, and with many people on board, space is probably more of a concern. Performance should include the whole day on the water, even at rest. We challenge you to see for yourself and compare to other boats on the market; the deck space will surprise you!


Formosa Offers More Stability

The innovative Quad4™ Water Ballast is a unique four (4) chamber COUNTERBALANCE system and developed for unrivalled stability at rest. Unlike traditional keel ballasts, the Quad4™ off-centre ballast hull combined with a wide beam and reverse chine hull, minimises hull roll from the swell or internal passenger movement. Once you are on your way, the 4 longitudinal stringers empty rapidly, allowing you to get on the plane without any change in performance. The unique internal chambers extend from the transom forward ¾ of the hull, and additionally provides hull strength and integrity.

Quad4™ Water Ballast is an optional extra if you require more stability at rest. Even though a Formosa hull is very stable, some people require a water ballast; it’s a personal decision depending on where, when and how you’re using the boat. Let your Formosa dealer know you want the Quad4™ Water Ballast.


Built For Safety

Every Formosa Marine boat complies with Australian standards and issued with a hull identification number (HIN) which is engraved on the Australian Builders Plate situated on the portside side pocket inside the boat. To meet these standards, there are various requirements, one of which is Buoyancy. Every boat should have a certain amount of flotation, installed in the boat, depending on size and weight, so as it continues to float when flooded, swamped or capsized.

Formosa Marine boats all have the recommended closed-cell foam fully packed underfloor. Closed-cell foam has excellent buoyancy and low water absorption. Coupled with Formosa’s high floor which not only gives massive strength to the subframe of the boat, but also allows far more flotation foam to fit underfloor adding even more safety to your boat.

  • AUTOMATIC BILGE PUMP – For peace of mind, all boats are fitted with an automatic bilge pump with manual over-ride.
  • ELECTRICAL HARNESS KIT – Each boat has an electrical harness kit installed which includes a 6 way Switch Panel, Navigation Lights and Ancor Light.
  • UNDER FLOOR LOCK CELL FRAME – Gives you structural reinforcement and ensuring the main traffic areas are solid underfoot, providing the ultimate stability and a safe environment.
  • HEAVY DUTY HAND RAILS – Strong 32mm extrusions are fully welded to the gunnels, forward and rear which runs to the floor line on the transom for safe boat access.
  • TRANSOM DECK THREAD – 6mm EVA Marine Deck provides a durable, comfortable and safe underfoot surface.
  • HEAVY DUTY BOWROLLER – The aluminium Bowroller is fully welded to the reinforced nose sheet and to the grab rails. Engineered to suit manual deployment and/or drum winches.
  • SIDE POCKETS – Large side pockets welded to the ribs give extra side strength and are mounted high to allow for foot space for the ultimate fishing standing position.
  • TIEDOWN TRANSOM MOUNTS – To ensure your boat is secure on the trailer, heavy duty tie down mounts are fully welded to either side of the transom.
  • HEAVY DUTY ANCHOR WELL – Formosa now provides a thicker aluminium on the back of the anchor well, providing heavy duty support for mounting your electric anchor winch
  • MOULDED FUEL TANK & SENDER – Underfloor tank especially moulded to fit into a Formosa hull and positioned central in the boat and under the floor to reduce fuel movement. Each tank is fitted with a sender unit and twin breathers to minimise air blockages.
  • BATTERY ISOLATOR SWITCH – All boats are factory fitted with a two battery isolator switch as standard.
  • P-TRAP SURGE BREATHER – Each boat is installed with an external breather which has a built in fuel trap to prevent unwanted fuel surge.


Formosa Innovation

Formosa Marine is Leading The Way in Australian Plate Boat Design and Manufacturing

It has been said that Formosa Marine is the most innovative boat builder in Australia. And it’s true! Formosa Marine has continued to advance their boats, not only to handle the Australian environment, but also to give customers much more. Keeping affordability in mind, Formosa has designed their layouts to achieve the ultimate use of space, with model designs and options that service the needs of a wide market. It’s just not in Formosa’s DNA to stay complacent, hence the new Formosa SRT Plate Hull and new designs for existing models.

Active Transom

Enhance your boating experience with the innovative step-down ‘Active Transom’ which offers the best in transom design and water access on the market. Choose from four (4) Active Transom designs to suit you, whether it’s fishing, casting, diving or simply lounging on the back. Take full advantage of the Australian waters by choosing from either the Full Access, Dual Access, Single Access or Closed Access which includes flush folding doors and seating systems for additional fishing platforms.

Originally a feature only for Formosa’s SEA-ROD range, the Active Transom design has been enhanced for the release of the new Formosa SRT Plate Hull with smarter storage solutions and easier on-board battery access. Now available on all Formosa boats and from all Formosa dealers across Australia.

There are four designs to choose from:

  • FULL ACCESS – This option has the unique folding transom door and folding platform for the ultimate water and motor access, fishing platform and lounge deck.
  • DUAL ACCESS – This option has a folding transom door on either side giving double the access, double the safety and double the water activities such as diving.
  • SINGLE ACCESS – Have it all with a single folding transom, storage area and room for options such as the folding rear lounge and bait board with bait tank.
  • CLOSED ACCESS – Select the Closed Access for greater storage solutions. This a popular choice for those who venture offshore and prefer no transom door.


Flush Folding Systems

The Active Transom has been specifically designed to incorporate flush folding designs into the transom door and folding lounge. These can fold away, flush with the side of the boat when not in use. Formosa are creating platforms to fully utilise the transom area, a place where, on other boats, you lose a full meter of space to mounts for steps and small storage bays, enough for a battery or two. The Formosa flush folding seats can be converted to enclosed platforms if cushioning is not required, ask your nearest Formosa dealer for this special request.

Formosa Marine has also created optional extras which also use the Flush Folding System, to keep the deck clear of obstructions without having to dismantle your boat if you don’t need a seat or two. The latest design is the Full Access Rear Lounge which has a dual folding action creating a backrest when a seat if needed, yet still folds down to create the full access platform. Folding Side Seats are standard on the X Bowrider (excluding 520) which give a safe, low seating position for the family and a place for entertaining. The Folding Footrest on seat boxes is a popular option on the half cabins where creating height to get a better forward view could be an advantage.


Bowactive Ladder

EVER find it difficult exiting the boat without getting wet on the trailer at the boat ramp? The all new bow ladder, designed and built by Formosa Marine, allows you to enter or exit the boat from the bow. Perfect for those who dislike wading through the water from the transom or sliding over the side of the boat. Also, handy for exiting when nose-in to the beach. Checkout the video on how the ladder works…

Formosa Passion

Experience and Passion

Formosa Marine has been owned and operated by the same owners since it’s inception in 1998. This business started with a passion for design, fabrication and love of Brisbane’s Moreton Bay. The boats quickly increased in size as did the demand, and a few premises later, Formosa Marine now owns and operates in a shed in Tingalpa, just a few kilometres away from where it all began. Be assured, they bring many years of hands-on experience, a dedicated team and a great reputation, guaranteeing you a quality boat to enjoy for many years.

Over 20 Years of Experience

Formosa Marine, the business, celebrated 20 years of aluminium boat building in 2018, yet the experience of boat building began long before then. Early days saw Formosa boats sold to locals and up north into the Northern Territory, which certainly tested their endurance. So the pursuit began to build the toughest boat to withstand what the Australian environment had to offer, and this doesn’t mean just in the water, they were dragged of rocks and trailered through the roughest of terrains. The Formosa aluminium boat began to gain a reputation for strength and quality with some of those early developments still spotted at local boat ramps today. As the models increased in size, so did the strength of their team of boat builders, trained in Formosa’s build process. The developments saw rise of ‘Tomahawk’ offshore range and the Formosa Self-draining Deck. With the drive and passion to continue designing, the SEA-ROD range evolved in 2011. While still producing the Classic and Tomahawk range, the SEA-ROD allowed their passion for design and fabrication to be reignited. The Active Transom, Counterbalance water ballast and many other design ideas have been never ending for the SEA-ROD. Formosa have been testing their designs once again, but this time, with functionality in mind. Today they have combined the very best of 20 years of boat building into the Formosa SRT, SR=SEA-ROD and T=Tomahawk.

Australian Made

Formosa are proud to be Australian owned and building Australian made boats. You’ve read their story above, so apart from the Formosa name, there’s no doubting it. An Australian made Aquatic Weaponry™ graphic is now donning each boat transom leaving the shed, so those who travel behind know who they’re following. And what of the name Formosa name you ask? Well, it was just a local street name that inspired a young man who was creating boats to a specific shape or ‘form’.

4 Year Structural Hull Warranty

Formosa Marine boats are warranted to the original purchaser to be free of defects in material and workmanship from the date of purchase, for 4 years for Hull Structure, applying to 2018 hull build and onwards, and 1 year for all other Formosa Marine factory fitted parts and accessories. Due to use and movement of parts and accessories, the 1 year warranty extends to cabins, launchers, tops, fittings and optional extras.


Formosa Products

Sea Rod

The SEA-ROD brand was developed in 2011 in response to the demand for a water ballast hull giving extra stability at rest. Formosa Marine designed a unique four (4) chamber, counterweight water ballast system expanding across the width of the hull. Available in sizes 520 and over. The decentralisation of the chambers means a sudden roll to the side can be corrected by the extra weight on the opposite side. Also unique to Formosa Marine, the water ballast hull is available on plywood models; Formosa’s SEA-ROD Classic range sizes 520, 550 and 580.


Formosa Boats for Sale